The Year of Geology 2016

GTK’s expertise is valued abroad

GTK actively participates in international research and project operations as an expert, utilising its internationalisation and strategic partnerships widely.

GTK promotes the objective of connecting natural resources to the solution of global development challenges directly with its export projects. They strive to strengthen the connections of these projects to the export projects of companies through, for example, Team Finland cooperation. GTK has integrated with the execution of Finland’s development policy in an excellent way with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as a central partner.

GTK’s export projects are closely tied to the Minerals for Development (M4D) concept launched by GTK with the goal of promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and good governance in developing countries that have rich mineral resources, but are economically poor. Creating knowledge and a shared information basis also creates the basis for solving great development issues related to land use, water issues and adapting to the climate change.

Closer cooperation

In the report year, we tried to connect GTK’s export projects more closely to the leading fields of growth and the export efforts of companies. We are about to increase cooperation in planning information solutions (digitalisation), food security (bioeconomy), and large projects related to the utilisation of natural resources (cleantech).

The number of ongoing projects, funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, was ten like in the previous year. Of these, 7 were ICI projects (Institutional Cooperation Instrument). The largest projects funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs were projects in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which were commissioned directly. The export projects funded by the World Bank started again in 2016 in Malawi, Laos, and Cameroon.

The deepening of the corporate cooperation related to project exports is essential for GTK’s effectiveness. We have high expectations for the new markets (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar) and growth prospects of the export project activities.