The Year of Geology 2016

Serving society

GTK launched its new strategy in August 2015. Its cornerstones are the ability to produce added value, a high level of expertise and strategically steered and agile operating model. The starting point of GTK’s strategic renewal was increasing GTK’s business policy footprint and setting objectives based on customer needs. Increasing customer oriented operations and creating immediate impacts that support business operations have been made the main objectives.

Four strategic themes have been specified to guide the setting of objectives: (1) digital solutions to drive GTK’s success, (2) GTK produces new cleantech solutions, (3) supporting the sustainable building of communities with geology, and (4) creating sustainable growth with mineral economics. Strategic themes permeate the objective setting.

In 2016, GTK concentrated on making the content required by the new strategy concrete for the strategic themes, and on renewing both internal and external operating models. The final objective of the strategic renewal is the continuous strengthening of GTK’s financial results.



Strategic objectives:

  • Strategic themes create growth
  • Renewal of internal operating models
  • Renewing core operations

Strategic themes:

  • Digital solutions to drive GTK’s success
  • GTK produces new cleantech solutions
  • Supporting the sustainable building of communities with geology
  • Creating sustainable growth with mineral economics.

Three elements of change