The Year of Geology 2016

May we be of service?

GTK works to build success for its customers. At the same time, we are renewing GTK systematically and in a target-oriented way to make GTK more customer-oriented. We are developing our operating models not just with our own personnel, but also with customers, partners and other interest groups. At the same time, we identify new opportunities for success – by supporting and utilising each other.

Strategy guides our operations and the decisions related to it. GTK is developing from a research organisation to a service organisation that provides customer solutions and uses a high level of competence as capital for success.  GTK’s purpose is to serve the needs of society and the business sector.

GTK provides a wide array of multi-disciplinary competence related to soil, raw materials, and geological processes. To compensate for the reduction of our basic funding and to secure our operations we are actively developing the services we offer to society and focusing on solutions that benefit our customers. Our geological expertise is the basis of our service portfolio.

Our key objective is to create added value for our customers and our other interest groups. We want to be interesting and increase our demand as a partner who would be the natural choice when looking for an innovative and reliable expert in geological data for both customer-specific solutions and wide research consortiums. We provide services in Finland, and increasingly both inside and outside Europe.

We are active in research related to raw materials and the circular economy, In Finland, these are the core factors of success for multiple clusters and customers. The European Union also considers the development of these fields of research important for the future of the entire union.

In cooperation with others we create benefits for our customers and competence that differentiates. As our influence and success grow, our competence and income grow, which ensures that our organisation has resources to operate in the future as well. This creates a cycle of good things.

Numerous companies and regions develop using the fruit of our labour – often as a result of patience and long-term work. Our work leaves a lasting footprint in industrial policy for a long time to come. Many successful research projects that were finished years ago bring success today.

Our services are based on our solid geological expertise. Developing it further, as well as maintaining it and increasing it are our key tasks.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this work for your valuable input. I would also like to thank our customers for trust, our partners for cooperation, and our personnel for their significant work contribution and commitment. Finally, I would like to thank the board of directors, completing its term of office, for your work and the support you have given to GTK.

GTK will head towards the future strong. Looking forward to our future collaboration.

Mika Nykänen
Director General