The Year of Geology 2016

GTK’s research results benefit society widely

Collecting, refining and distributing diverse geological data for the benefit of society is the primary task. Societal influence means making GTK’s work visible – for decision-makers, business sector and citizens. GTK’s influence as a research institute is realised over a long time span. It manifests as direct benefit to our customers and as added value in the beneficiaries’ value chain.

GTK works with networks and in a customer-oriented way, cooperating with organisations that utilise the research results and solutions, as an innovative partner in national and foreign cooperation networks, and as an expert organisation that disseminates geological knowledge and understanding. In cooperation with others, GTK accumulates and refines geological data, increasing competence.

Today, being active in networks is more particularly important. The main focus of domestic cooperation is on strengthening the operating preconditions of companies and introducing raw material potential as part of the preparation of business policies on different administrative levels. International research networks provide GTK with a great opportunity to increase our competence, and to influence matters related to minerals at the European level.

In the best case, geological data speeds up processes, which saves time and money. Geological research data can increase wellbeing, because it promotes financial operations, helps making better decisions in, for example, town planning, makes mineral exploration easier for mineral companies and helps developers to plan and execute modern urban structures. The information in GTK’s databases is widely available to society.

GTK is still fairly unknown as a research institution that provides customer solutions, and it is our long-term goal to increase our interaction and our international profile. This will allow us also to increase our influence. Proactive operations and listening to our customers and partners will give us more opportunities to succeed in the future.

Tarmo Tuominen
Chairman of the Board, GTK
Deputy CEO, Nordkalk Oyj