The Year of Geology 2016

Drilling data from hundreds of kilometres of samples

Geologist Taina Eloranta maintains the valuable intellectual capital at GTK. Her task is to collect the data from all the research conducted by mineral exploration and mining companies and store it in the databases managed by GTK.

After the mineral exploration permits of mineral exploration and mining companies expire, the companies draw up an end report for the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). When the materials are published, it will be GTK’s task to manage it. Approximately 60–70 final reports will be sent to the system.

“All information has been uploaded into GTK’s Hakku service. Companies submit drilling data for approximately 250 kilometres of samples annually. It is an extremely good addition to the drill core data GTK acquires itself,” Taina Eloranta says.

Overall, companies use tens of millions of euros annually in mineral exploration. In 2012, which was an active year, companies used EUR 86.6 million in mineral exploration in Finland. This is indicated by statistics collected by Tukes.

“Mineral exploration activities seem to be picking up speed after a short slow period. In 2014, for example, half of the amount of the peak year of 2012 was used for mineral exploration,” Eloranta says.

Harmonising all data

Previously every company recorded their survey results in their own database format. The data that has been sent to Tukes, which acts as the mining authority, has not necessarily been compatible. In 2013, Tukes and GTK developed a database template, which companies now use to record data.

“The quality of data is good. The data recorded in the old formats has also been harmonised. Next we will develop the system to allow mineral exploration companies to upload data directly to Tukes’ server in the Internet. E-mail will no longer be used to transfer data,” Taina Eloranta summarises.

GTK’s Hakku service contains numerous geological data products. Hakku service ( includes Finnish geographical information, documents and metadata from the 19th century to the present day.