The Year of Geology 2016

Digital solutions produce new growth

GTK has a strong role as a producer of data in the Finnish society. Expertise is needed especially in refining data to make it truly valuable.

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Putting sand piles in mine areas to good use

A startup called Magsort Oy wants to buy and purify mineral sand piles and sell clean products. GTK’s specialists have participated in developing this business model, because they know how minerals behave.

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Should we build a tunnel from Helsinki to Tallinn?

GTK conducted the first accurate geological survey by sounding the seabed on the Gulf of Finland. The survey revealed that solid bedrock continues from Finland all the way to the coast of Estonia.

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Lithium is in high demand

GTK has surveyed Finland’s bedrock’s undiscovered mineral resources for about ten years. At the moment, one of the most interesting minerals is lithium that has been found in Central Ostrobothnia. Europe produces only about one per cent of the global lithium need.

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A respected partner in international projects

The geological surveys of Finland and France are updating Malawi’s geological maps and the country’s mineral resources. The most important thing is to gather the best team possible from each special field.

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Investments in the occupational safety of GTK’s employees

GTK employees move in different terrains both in Finland and abroad, including countries that are politically unstable. Good occupational safety includes risk assessment, good protective clothing and tools, first-aid skills and continuous training of the personnel.

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